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For the Colorful Past Project, I work from black and white photographs for my watercolor paintings. The quality of the photo does not matter—in fact, I often like it when they are unclear! Here are a few tips for finding a good photo for a painting:

  1. Avoid pictures of large, posed groups of people.

  2. Look for a spontaneous or intriguing gesture, occasion, or detail.

  3. The person(s) in the photo do not need to be deceased! As long as it is black and white, that is all that matters.

  4. If you are concerned that the painting should look exactly like the photograph, please do not submit. It will not, and that is the point.

Please do not submit the original photo; either take a picture of it, scan, or photocopy it. I receive photos through my Instagram page, Facebook page, the website, email, mail, or even text. Again, the quality of the photo is not of special concern for me.

If you commission a painting of your photo, you agree to purchase the original and it will become part of the project. You can also submit a photo through general submission, without any agreement to purchase it, and there is still a good chance I will paint it… if it intrigues me! You can then purchase it if you desire after I post it to the project site.

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Clicking this button will open a new window where you can upload your photo to my Dropbox folder. You do not need a Dropbox account to upload a photo. Make sure you come back and finish submitting this form after uploading so I have your contact info! If you have trouble uploading a photo, please send me the form anyway and I'll contact you to follow up!
Who is in it, what year was it taken, any other backstory you want to include.